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Our Story

Our Phase 1 Mission:

To provide the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District, villages of Twifo Betimor and Twifo Kuroananmu with access to masks, school supplies, books, and clean water, to ensure the villages have improved standards of education, learning, and health.



By providing the communities with access to improved means of clean water and mask it will assist the communities in combating covid-19 and other diseases prevalent in these communities.



By assisting in the combating of prevalent diseases by providing access to clean drinking water, masks, and educational supplies, we will be assisting in building up the communities by assisting in a decrease in the mortality rates due to lack of access to masks and clean drinking water.  Thereby building up the communities' resources and health.




Our  Phase 2 Mission:

To provide access to clean shelter, food, job opportunities, and training to Accra’s city’s homeless women, to reduce the homeless population in the inner city. Responding to the Pandemic through honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love.



With training, resources, and supports we will empower impoverished individuals to become productive citizens who are able to give back to their communities.



By providing a safe place, clean water, food, training, and job opportunities. It will inspire and give impoverished individuals and communities in Ghana a sense of purpose and belonging to make difference in their communities.

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